[fitness friday] Stretching is NOT Always Best

created by John Ashworth & Leigh Mills

produced by NBC 15 of Madison, WI

When your muscles ache, you might be inclined to do nothing more than wait for the pain to pass over the next few days.  Or, if you’re smart, you stretch a little, drink a lot of water, and take a nap or two.  If you’re really smart, you watch the Fitness Friday segment that Leigh Mills and I did last Friday where we discuss adding the foam roll to this equation first.

When muscles are tight, stretching is not always best because tight muscles contain lesions (knots) that can be made even worse (tighter) by stretching.  When you break them up first with your foam roll, your stretching becomes that much more effective.

Watch this Fitness Friday segment for details…

Click here for my original Fitness Friday article



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