Workouts to do at home

workouts to do at home

produced by john c ashworth, ma

Workouts to do at home – Part 1

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of workouts to do at home.  Which is good news, since I know many of you out there struggle with finding time for exercise.  The first objection to this idea, of course, is the one that you have to invest in a lot of fancy fitness equipment in order to create an ideal workout environment.  This really isn’t true, and this workout is a great example.  In fact, I’ve seen many fantastic and elaborate home gyms that have all the latest equipment but that ultimately get left unused or utilized for other things.

**Note: this workout is part of my 7-minute workout series.  A whole list of workouts to do at home in 7 minutes or less.  You can subscribe to this series by CLICKING HERE.

Here is the workout list:

1. Kettle Bell Squat with Side-Step – you can use anything heavy.  It does not need to be a kettle bell.

2. Burpees – this is a burpee with a spiderman push-up.  An advanced move.  If you are a beginner.  Try this instead.

3. Step-ups – this link will actually take you to an entirely different workout where step-ups are included.

Perform 15 repetitions of each, and then move to the next exercise.  Keep going for 7-minutes straight.  Check your heart rate along the way.


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