World War II Veteran Bill Schuler with his Wife Nancy and their new Prius C

Bill and Nancy stopped by the dealership in late December to lease a brand new Toyota Prius C. They said they have had a lot of red cars in their day, and took advantage of this one, which was perched right on the showroom floor.

“Bill is a really terrific driver.” Nancy said to me as we prepared for the test drive.

When we were finished, I agreed. 🙂

Congratulations to Bill and Nancy for your lease on the Toyota Prius C and thank you once again for your service to this country.


Bill and Nancy with their new Toyota Prius C.
Bill and Nancy with their new Toyota Prius C.

PS Bill has also written a book about the American occupation of Germany following the end of the war. For more details about this book, check out the January 2015 Toyota Newsletter right here on this blog. Click Here!



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